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Great picture idea for grooms

When Dick and Trina got married they hired a really cool photographer, Craig Merrill, who 
   a) takes great photos 
   b) isn’t satisfied with producing “more of the same”

One of the Craig’s complaints is there are always a bunch of frilly, girly pictures of the bride, bride’s maids and the event.  There are no “guy” pictures of the event.  So, to balance out the pretty bride’s maid photos, Craig takes the groom and groom’s men to downtown San Francisco and takes pictures of the guys being “cool” (yeah, getting “cool” out of a bunch of computer geeks ain’t easy… he’s that good).   

Check out Craig’s website for more information.

Dick decided that he didn’t want to limit his guy photo shoot to just him and his best man and ushers but instead invited a bunch of his friends from in town.  I was flattered to have been invited to come be part of Dick’s extra-large Rat Pack.  I think the Chairman would have understood the entourage explosion, what with inflation and all.

Seeing as Dick shared the limelight with all of us I thought it only fitting to give him a more personalized picture of the event:

Now that’s a good-looking bunch of guys!

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I know you had already shared this with me, but really – this is one of the funnies things I’ve ever seen! You crack me up!

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