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I kan’t spel

I rely on the red squigglies in word.  What happens when I author blog posts?  How about typing in gripes to web forms on web shopping sites?

The answer: I use IE Spell.  It’s a free add-in for Internet Explorer that will spell check any form entry on a web page… even the posts I write for my Space.

Now, I do have to remember to click the IE Spell button, but it beats copy-paste into Word, copy paste into notepad to remove all formatting, copy-paste into my Blog.

Get yourself a copy now (and don’t forget to donate if you use it… it keeps the author making new software).

One reply on “I kan’t spel”

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I’ve just been surfing the Kahnua teams blogs as there was an unusual about of mail in my Inbox this morning pertaining to it, when I cam across your posting regarding IE Spell – I will not miss copying and pasting into word before posting on My Space!

Thanks and keep up the awesome work you guys are doing with Kahuna – I love it, (although when is permanently deleting all email in the junk folder going to get its button..!!)

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