Go ahead, blow it up

I never fail to find funny stuff on Steve Davis’s web sitethis one kept me up well past my bed time.

Let’s say you’re an evil genius (perhaps, only 36% evil as of the time of this post) and you want to make a big splash by destroying something.  You could aim small, like a cruise ship (see: Speed 2), or perhaps a small island in the Florida keys (see: True Lies) or even bigger, like the west coast of California (see: Superman).

If you are, however, truly truely evil and you want to make a really really evil name for yourself, destoying life on earth, even all life on earth, will not be quite enough.  You’ll need to set your sights much higher (think Darth Vader high): destroy the earth itselfSam has created a page examining some of the potential methods for destroying the earth and evaluated them for feasibility.  His page will prove invaluable if you are hatching your next big evil plan.

If, on the other hand, you aren’t evil but have a yen for science fiction and enjoy Douglas Adams-esque humor, you’ll find the site a fun read.

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