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A cool Google feature (and there are many, perhaps I’ll post them later) is the ability to search for sites which link to a particular site.  This is cool because searching for the text “” won’t necessarily find me all the sites which link to me.  To do a search for your site simply type “link:yourURL” into the Google search.  Any site which links to your URL (you can type just the root, e.g. will be listed.  Turns out Omar links to me a lot (Hi Omar!).

So… while stroking my own ego, I came across Mark’s site.  I’m not quite sure why he links to me but I’ll have to ask (I hope it’s not someone I know and I’m just being an airhead, how embarrassing).  At any rate… there’s a link to my site with the display of “calittleblog” but I wasn’t able to find any other reference to my site in Mark’s blog entries.  Oh well, another Internet mystery.  I suppose I could just wait for him to find my site…

Hi Mark!

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A little blog goes a long way my friend, a long way. I was trying to connect to the Dept. Of Education(DOE) when I found your site. Ever since then, I’ve been hooked. It’s a pretty cool site, Little man. I love to see what you come up with every day. Another day in Tami’s bored life.

I’m always happy to find your comments, Tami! Too much more and you’ll be posting here as much as I do. 🙂

As for you Omar… denial is one of the sure signs of addiction. C’mon, admit it, you’re stalking me. 😉

Hi Reeves!

I just spotted the trackback(!) I’ve been out of a a bit lately due to work pressures(I’m making excuses here:))

I came across your blog on a search for techie blogs. I think a lot of cool people linked to you[;)]. I stayed longer ‘coz I really liked your site design, which I have to say have had an influence over my humble efforts!

[PS I also blogroll you but moved the ‘roll to a sub-page when I was having speed problems with my ISP’s server]

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