Two for the price of one

For a little bit of extra cash and a little bit of extra effort you can turn your one person PC into a two person PC.  It’ll be great… tell your friends you have a main frame (and then feel old when you have to explain what that is).  Head over to BeTwin for the goods.

Here’s the quickie details from Gadget Madness

Forget that low-profile dual-user system, take any Windows 2000 or XP PC, add a PCI video card (or just use a dual-head nVidia or ATI if you don’t mind a performance hit), a USB keyboard and mouse and install BeTwin. Thanks to Windows’ profile system and terminal services engine, as well as a bit of nouse from ThinSoft, you can have two people using the one PC. In fact, you can go up to five users if you can get hold of enough PCI graphics cards and USB hubs.  Unfortunately it doesn’t like my laptop’s dual-head adapter, but I will be trying this out on a machine as soon as possible.

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