Beam me up Scott-e

Scott e-vest

Exhibit A:  I’m a geek.
Exhibit B:  My wife has great fashion sense.

For Christmas this year (yeah, we celebrated a little early) my lovely wife bought me a very cool SCOTTeVEST (SeV).  These stylish jackets would not look out of place on any snowboarder or sullen teenager yet are a wonderful bit of clothing for your favorite geek. 

The SeV (taking advantage of the “SUV” craze?) is rife with nooks and crannies for all your favorite gear.  Most pockets can be accessed from both inside and outside the clothing.  There are also built-in channels to route wires for your own PAN (personal area network).

My Version Three.0 Stealth Fleece has 12 hidden pockets… including a spot for a CamelBak Bladder!

For a list of all the features, check out the glossary of terms.

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