Swan Dive!

Isaiah Mustafa is back to make the ladies swoon and, without a doubt, make men want to smell like him (which I can only assume is a heady mixture of Old Spice and awesome).

Hello ladies…

This whole campaign does have me concerned, however, to much more of this and Old Spice will ruin my marriage. Either Paula will come to her senses and see I’m not as dreamy as Isaiah… or I’m going to leave her, move to wherever Isaiah Mustafa lives and build the First Universal Church of Isaiah the Dreamy in his front yard. It will be a non-profit, of course. Donations of cash, food and Old Spice are always welcome.

I’ll probably need a good lawyer too.

I already have soap… but I’m buying more anyway.

Old Spice has made me happy by making joyfully odd / oddly joyful commercials. I now plan to reward them buy buying some Old Spice body wash irrespective of actual need.

You’ve probably seen the sexy man who makes us all look bad (yep, he’s on a horse). For their latest set they commissioned Tim and Eric and received some screamy goodness in return.

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