RIP too much time on his hands

For a couple of years now my blog reading has had a little extra sunshine: Steve Davis’s blog, too much time on his hands… entertained me with his tales of torturing cold-callers, throwing very small stones at the Russian mafia and the joys of living with snakes.

But alas, Steve has decided to hang up his blogging hat (perhaps in favor of selling web hosting and Fake Australian IDs).

I’ll miss the humour Steve, but I hope you do realize, stopping blogging doesn’t get you out of your offer to entertain me when I finally make it to Queensland.  I’ll take the room without the snake please.

Thin, beautiful and wearing leather

Intel recently commissioned Ziba Design to build a sexy laptop and I’d say they hit the target… and blew right through.

About as thin as a Motorola Razr, this magnesium shelled bit of geek pron is only 2.25 pounds, has back-lit keys and an optional leather folio cover sporting an external side show screen.

For more details you’ll have to check out Business Week’s write-up… at least until I find out the limb to fantasy hardware exchange rate.

Getting logged into Hotel Internet with Vista & IE 7

When Paula and I were trying to get logged into Courtyard’s Internet connection on Saturday we couldn’t get connected, the browser just spun it’s wheels then gave us a “page cannot be displayed” message.  The behavior was the same on both my laptop and Paula’s. 

The typical experience signing onto a commercial network is turn on your computer, open a web browser, request a page and you are magically redirected to a sign-in/sign-up page.  The redirect works in some cases (the Westin most recently) and not in others (Marriott).  For some reason some implementations work with Vista and some don’t.  I asked the hotel tech support to log me on from their end but then played with Paula’s computer to try to get hers logged in.

The solution ended up being fairly simple, I turned off protected mode in IE, logged into the hotel Internet, then turned protected mode back on again.

I suppose if you’re stuck in a hotel right now unable to log onto the hotel network you can’t read this.  Ah, the irony.