When coffee is just not good enough

It was a struggle to drag myself out of bed this morning. I had a full night’s sleep, but it was just one of those days when the first twenty minutes of the day are spent examining my body for telltale tire tracks. Perhaps snoozing the alarm seven more times will put me right.

While I have no idea why I’m so very tired today, my body is clearly attempting to send me a message. So, when considering the options available to make myself for breakfast, there was really only one clear and rational choice: pancakes with fresh strawberries on top.


Suitably fortified, my brain felt the need to point out that several hundred calories of carbs topped with just two strawberries really isn’t the most logical way to combat fatigue. Finney became the beneficiary of my momentary lapse of bad judgment.


I’ll eat better for lunch… perhaps Five Guys?

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