Great software: Multi-Monitor Wallpaper

Two monitors are great for productivity, but aesthetics are important too. Who wants to stare at the same picture on both desktops? No one, that’s who.


The NVidia display control panel that came with Vista allowed me to set a unique image for each monitor. But fie, Windows 7 hasn’t caught up yet and I was stuck staring at the same image, duplicated on both monitors. Well thanks to Arian Kulp’s Multi-Monitor Wallpaper code sample I’m no longer annoyed by my desktop.  No longer do I see sameness, I instead have a beautiful view of Killary Bay.

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Weird that his doesn’t exist in the Windows… Mac users have had this ability for at least 10 years… Not trying to be snarky, but am wondering if less Windows people use dual monitors.

A reasonable question, I have no idea why we haven’t ever built this into Windows. I’m assuming it’s because we leave it up to the video card manufacturers to add this functionality.

The Vista monitor control panel from NVIDIA used to have this feature. I have several multimon walpapers I made from my own panoramas. I’m just guessing this is a feature they haven’t yet implemented for their Win 7 driver packages.

That reminds me, one of the coolest destops I’ve seen was for Mac OS 9. It was time lapse photography that kept in sync with your desktop’s clock. A coworker had it on his machine when I worked on Outlook Express for the Mac.

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