Back in the USA

The stress of moving and changing jobs has kind of put me off blogging… so for updates I refer to you Paula’s blog.  She has been much better than I about blogging as of late. 🙂

At any rate… after a much delayed flight from Dublin to Chicago we’re relaxing in the American Airlines Admiral club.  I must say, AA is going down hill.  The aircraft here from Dublin was a total beater (our seats had no functioning lights and the channels on the AV system wouldn’t change).  The Admiral’s club is not much better, the seats all look like the upholstery hasn’t been cleaned in a decade.

Yep, delaying my flight for several hours forcing me to have a 5 hour layover makes me grumpy.


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I totally agree … the one time I managed to get a business class flight to redmond was on AA and I was sorely disappointed. Also went through Chicago like you and not impressed at all with the lounge; the (private) one in Dublin is actually much nicer.

Hope your trip back went well; might see if we can meet for lunch in February when I’m over 🙂

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