Got Sharepoint?

image I’ve got a new job (soon)!  The beginning of next year I’ll be joining the Sharepoint team in Redmond, Washington.  I’m super-excited about this new position.  I’ll be moving into the greater Office organization and getting a chance once again, to work with friends from the past. 

While Paula and I are both really excited to be moving to Redmond we’re still a little bit stressed and sad.  We’re facing down our second international move in less than two years (can you say “gluttons for punishment”?) and are a little disappointed to be leaving Ireland. We love the Irish people, the country and especially the convenient travel.

We will, however, be over the hump soon and are working hard to distract ourselves (went to Waterford last weekend, going to Spain this weekend, going to western Ireland in early December and to New York for Christmas with my sister <phew>). 

January 14th is my first day… so I’m sure the time will fly.

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