A quick search can pay off big

Paula’s using my old laptop and Pa really needs to take it out back behind the barn with a shotgun.  It’s slow, it won’t dock properly and I really don’t like the way it’s been looking at the toaster.

This past weekend we finally bit the bullet and placed an order for a new laptop for Paula, the ThinkPad X61s.  Paula’s top desire is small and light and this unit fit the bill (as well as came with a ton of awards to ease our minds).  Sony and Toshiba have some very sexy laptops… but the price of the ThinkPad sold us (although we were both tempted by the pretty hardware).  The total with shipping and tax: $1,989.93, a full $1000 less than the Sony.

We were very pleased with the results.  Paula really wanted the Sony TZ, but once we added a dock, shipping and tax the price jumped up to $3,158.07.  Lenovo had a sale on ThinkPads through October 1st making the price hard to beat.  But it gets better…

Our order was delayed because I didn’t have my alternate shipping address (Leslie’s house) on record with my credit card.  As part of the process I went back to the web site and what should I find?  Lenovo started a new sale.  Bad news normally, but good news for me since my order was still pending.  I canceled the order and put in a new one.  Ding!  Saved $100! 

But wait, there’s more.  While I was admiring my new, lower total I noticed a blank line: “eCoupon”.  I’m already getting a great price on this laptop (in my opinion)… they’re not going to allow me to apply a coupon to their sale price, are they?  Only one way to find out… I type “lenovo ecoupon” into Live search and first result is for a coupon listing on  I hop back over to my order and sure enough, my good deal just got better!

End result: the laptop I was pleased to get for $1,989.93 is being shipped to me for $1,527.22. 


Oh, by the way, out of curiosity I went back and tried the same search on Google… the money saving coupon was seven links down.  Thanks Live Search! 

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