Happy New Year!

It’s 2007, you know what that means?  My driver’s license expires this year.  I wonder of the California DMV will send me a new DL to my address in Ireland.

It is also that arbitrary time for a portion of the world to reset their calendars and reset their goals.  Yes, New Year’s resolution time.  Resolutions always feel artificial to me… and yet I cant resist the “clean slate” state they represent.  Here’s some stuff I’m going to do this year:

  • Join the gym (and use it at least twice a week)
  • Take more pictures (at least every other day)
  • Spend time reviewing my pictures (instead of just keeping 100% of them)
  • Get back on the Getting Things Done wagon

One of the things I rarely make the effort to do is to go through my pictures after taking them.  I should really get in the habit of tossing out the crap (I’m a horrible pack rat) and cleaning up the good pictures (below are two different compositions of the same shot, the second removes the distracting window from the bottom… though I’m still not sure which I like better 🙂 ).

Statue picture before editing

Roman statue

I hope everyone has a great 2007!

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