Five things people don’t… er… didn’t know about me…

So, having tired of chain e-mail, the net has now switched to chain blog posts.


So, the game is apparently quite simple, give 5 things that few people know about you, then tag 5 friends to have them follow suit.  Omar has dragged me into this… So here goes:

  1. I wanted to be an actor, a stuntman, a race driver and/or design cars… and no, that wasn’t when I was in 6th grade, it was when I was in college.  I chose UCSD because it was close to Hollywood (well, closer than Toledo, Ohio was) and had a good engineering program (which I thought would be good for designing race cars).  Partway through school I decided I didn’t want to be an engineer, I wanted to be a Psychologist.  Suffice it to say, I didn’t do any of those things.  I do, however, still want to be Paul Newman.
  2. I’m related to Orson Welles, distantly. We have the same great-great-great grandfather… I’m not sure what that makes us.  Family lore also has it that James Hadfield is a distant relative, but that’s unsubstantiated (and probably nothing to brag about).
  3. My feet are a wonder of nature.  I’m 5’9″ and my feet are size 13.  They are also on upside-down: the bottom of them are baby-soft and the tops of my toes have calluses.  Between the size and the extra hair you’d think I was an over-grown Hobbit.
  4. I’m obsessed with solitaire on my cell phone.  It’s how I relax (and give myself carpal tunnel in my thumb).  The result is I’ve learned interesting things like:

    1. If you hold the joystick up it will automatically put cards up into the Ace piles.
    2. If you win a game and watch the cards bounce around, you’ll see there’s a bug, the cards count down from King down to Ace… then the King shows up again.
    3. While the end of game cards are bouncing around pressing “draw” will start stacking them back into the pile.

  5. I hate dry wood in my mouth.  Chopsticks, popsicle sticks, anything.  Gives me the willies big time.  If you’re ever at a Chinese (Japanese, Thai, etc.) restaurant with me you’ll see the first thing I do is dump my chopsticks into my water glass and leave them there until I’m satisfied they’re good an soaked.

There you go, 5 things.  I figure that at some point down the road someone will have to start up a game of “Five more things people don’t know about me”… but until then I’ll have to pass the baton.  

  • I started at ResNova to replace Rob (can you believe it’s been 12 years?), I’m sure he has a tale to tell. 
  • Jason has taken on the awesome responsibility of caring for our good friend Leslie.  There was no application process so I’d like to learn more.
  • For a long time Tami has been my blog “pen pal”.  Let’s hear five things from her (or her cat).
  • Not everyone on the net lives in America… so let’s hear from Casper, a fellow Dublin resident.
  • An last, but not least, to Steve Davis, because I’m sure he has something funny to say (or at least, frightening).

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5 replies on “Five things people don’t… er… didn’t know about me…”

Those are some good ones! I don’t think I knew any of ’em! I especially like the tidbits on your hobbit feet. I tagged your wife, so I’m hoping to learn a little something about her, too! 🙂

Hope you’re having a great visit with your family!

Hey Reeves, I have a thing going on over here and it ain’t going well. I just started a blog over at Spaces Live. My URL is I’m trying to add music to my blog. I’m totally into The Fray I want to add the song How To Save A Life on my page to no avail. I put the Media Player Module on the page but I don’t where to go from there. Any Idea’s?


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