Reeves is just catching up with the rest of the world

Paula already knew it.  Trina already knew it.  Aw heck, it seems most everyone else already knows… Buffy The Vampire Slayer is hilarious.


When I was back in Seattle last month I picked up seasons two through seven for Paula… and ended up watching most of the episodes with her.  I’d never really seen more than a few episodes here and there, Paula, however, had watched most of them and was hooked.

If you haven’t seen them you should.  Go sign up for NetFlix (no, I don’t get a kickback for pushing them) and load up your queue.  If you’re feeling like it you might as well throw in the movie that started it all.

Why, you ask? Because it has great lines like this:

“Martha Stewart isn’t a demon. She’s a witch. […] Nobody could do that much decoupage without calling on the powers of darkness.”

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Both you, and my friend Blane are Late Buffy Bloomers. (that should be the name of a new lingerie line). Blane is addicted now, too, and will be borrowing each season from my Mom’s DVD Library.

Glad you’re enjoying it so much!

…and now you can get the Xbox games, too!

Actually, I’ve never seen the movie!

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