Some things I found interesting in Ireland

We returned from our House hunting trip on May 23rd and there were a few things which stood out to me:

  • In the summer the sun stays up a long time – we were getting ready for bed at 9:30pm and had a great view of the sunset from our hotel room.
  • The vast majority of rentals are furnished – I suppose if you don’t own a place, why own furniture?  We felt lucky to find an unfurnished place for rent that fit our needs.
  • Not everything is open on the weekend – we were hoping to get a tour of rental properties on the Saturday we were there, we had to opt for Friday and Monday instead.
  • Movies have reserved seating – we found the same thing in London and loved it.  When you buy your movie ticket you pick a seat too.  We were able to buy a ticket at 3:50 for a 3:45 showing of MI 3 and have a good seat with no issues (we just missed a preview or two, no big whoop).

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