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I ordered my Xbox 360, and was cheap so I ordered it shipped via ground


I went to Mike, told him to order an Xbox 360.  Go ahead and pick ground, that’s what I did.


Mike went to Dick, told him to order an Xbox 360.  We had ours shipped via ground.  Dick did the same… twice.



Now, because none of us were willing to spring for the extra few bucks for two-day delivery we are suffering through the weekend without our new toys.  All of us except Mike, he pawed the ground a bit, dipped his head and charged through the pasture fence.  He scoured the countryside and, after trundling around a china shop called “Best Buy”, he found himself a 360 at Costco.


At least our herd has a bull now.

Confused?  Read this: Moooooo

“Larry the Cow” artwork created by Matteo ‘Peach’ Pescarin and shamelessly lifted from the gentoo user forums.

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