Aren’t going to reuse that tub?

How to remove a bathtub, caveman style.

Homo-erectus? No, Homo-destructus. Ugh! Grock Smash!


Remodeling the bathroom, day one

Well, it’s begun. Let’s see how long this takes.

Cars Life

I’m an idiot

True to form, I was in a hurry today for no particular reason, as a result fate smacked me in the back of the head.

I took the day off today to go with Paula up to Sausalito to get some tile for our bathroom.  On the way up there we were driving along highway 1 through San Francisco when the light in front of us turns yellow.  The truck next to us wasn’t slowing down so I thought, “what the heck, I’ll keep going too”.

There were two lights along the route with red light traffic cameras.  That was one of them.  There were two pretty flashes, one for the semi, one for me.  Great.

I guess the SF PD will be sending me a nice portrait via US Postal Service… I just hope my portrait turns out as nice as Steve’s (see bottom of page).


That shouldn’t be there

We’ve had some heavy winds this past week… this huge tree is across 4 lanes and a median.



I went to the effort to copy/paste nice album art for Windows Media player for each of the mixed tapes (they only come with Adobe Reader art for printing) so I thought I might as well share them:

Download and use with AV Soft Album Art Checker.

And for those of you who are curious… the Mercedes-Benz mixed tapes work just fine in a Volvo station wagon (or other car of your choice).