A tip for smugmug users – timeline

When I made the choice between smugmug and Phanfare one thing I found I missed was the ability to filter my pictures by year taken.  To my delight, smugmug added this feature shortly after I joined.  The feature is currently hidden and considered beta, but it works quite well – the only bug I’ve found is it got confused about a picture I stamped as being taken in 1959 (seems they weren’t expecting dates that old… shocker).

If you want a nifty timeline on your smugmug page, here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to http://yoursmugmugname.smugmug.com/?showGoodies=1 (be sure to adjust the URL for your member name)
    This will take you to your homepage with the phototimeline module visible

  2. Click the “show” link

  3. Very important: click the “date taken” link
    If you don’t do this all your pictures in the timeline will be shown by date uploaded (which won’t be very interesting unless you’ve been a smugmug member for multiple years)

That’s it, now you have a nifty timeline on your homepage.

3 thoughts on “A tip for smugmug users – timeline”

  1. Hey Reeves!

    What’s up man? I hope everything is ok.

    Thanks for the French Toast tip on my ‘French Toast’ blog entry on my MSN Space.

    I do have one question though…when am I going to obtain a BETA invite for the M4 version of Windows Live Mail?

    I have waited 5 weeks for the invitation to arrive and I am becoming utterly impatient haha…

    Anyway, I must say that you guys are doing an absolutely astounding job on Live Mail (from what I’m seeing)! Keep up the fantabulous (that word makes my ears tickle lol) work.

    I wish you well on the development phase!
    p.s. I have signed up for the Beta approximately 5-6 times now…hoping intently for the invitation to arrive

    p.s.s. If you would like to reply to my comment, you may do so by leaving a comment on my MSN Space!:-)

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