Honey, I shrunk the laptop!

Here’s just what you need to get your geek buddies to drool: a 1 GHz laptop not much bigger than the power adapter powering your current laptop (4.9”x3.4”x.9” and 14 ounces).  It has all the goodies you’d want, Bluetooth™, 802.11b, USB, FireWire™ and more.  Dock it and it’s a full PC.  It’s not as small as a PDA, but it’s close, and it’s running Windows XP.

One problem, there are a bunch of other things I’d rather spend 2 grand on.

Visit OQO to find out more about their ultra personal computer (uPC).

Practice makes… well… better, I hope.

I’ve enjoyed taking pictures for as long as I can remember.  After getting annoyed by me stealing his camera all the time my Dad gave me my first camera when I was 6.  I took pictures of everything, but mainly my GI Joe.

So, now I’m older and wiser, I don’t take quite as many pictures of dolls and I’m not always happy with the pictures I take.  I was inspired by Rob’s description of the picture a day challenge (PAD).  The idea is you need to take and post at least one picture every day for a year.  As you take pictures and are forced to choose your favorite each day (provided you take more than one) you will also be forced to improve (also, now that I’ve gone public with this I’ll be embarassed to quit :))

To that ends I’ve started my Picture a Day gallery.  You’ll find that it’s a little bare as I’ve done a poor job taking one picture every day so far this year.  I will, however, keep it up now that I will suffer public humiliation if I don’t follow through.