Userfriendly web comics: good ol’ geek humor

I heart userfriendly

Are you a geek? C’mon, it’s not that bad, beats being a nerd. Geeks can be cool in their own way, but nerds, well, you know… At any rate… go get some geek humor from User Friendly Comics, you’ll be glad you did. Embrace your inner geek.

Net continues to bring random traffic my way

You wanna hear the story? I was always amused at how many people put their e-mail address as “” in NNTP forums. Noting that wasn’t registered I decided to be THE, yeah, I’m a geek (I have personalized plates to match too). So you see, I’m attached to the domain.

Is it for sale? Sure, everything is. Come to me with 7 figures and we’ll talk. 😀