Stand back, give him some room

Long time, no blog.

I’m just starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel… and I have been “on vacation” for two weeks now. Why is time off such hard work? Because Paula and I are moving to Ireland.

I’m not leaving Microsoft… or even really leaving Windows Live Mail/Hotmail. Microsoft is adding to its development workforce based in Dublin and I’ll be going over there to work on Windows Live Mail with a couple developers.

We’re going to sell our house and (as you saw earlier in the blog) I needed to finish the bathroom I started. I also needed to finish off a project I started of replacing the trim throughout the house. Combine that with a house hunting trip to Ireland, meeting with realtors, packing up some of stuff to stage the house and having a garage sale I’ve been running ragged.

Things are starting to ease up, however. The house goes on MLS tonight and there is only one small bit of trim to finish in the bathroom and I’ll be all done.

And Paula will be happy because I now have the energy to shave again. 🙂