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My badge holder broke and my Xbox died

Sounds kinda like a country song…


Well, it happened… my decision to not buy an extended warranty on a first revision of a gaming console bit me in the tookus.  You’d think I’d have learned from my experience with my first Xbox (I bought the 2 year warranty… and the box was replaced twice for free).  But, alas, no, I didn’t and I’m now left with a $300 doorstop.

After Dick and Trina lost a couple units I could smell the storm coming… but at over a year past purchase date I knew it was way too late.  It crashed a few times in the past month (video froze while using it as a Media Center Extender) and yesterday we got the red ring of death.  Since we’re in Ireland now it would cost a chunk of change for the round trip to the US and back for repairs… it’s only about $50 cheaper to buy a new box here (with warranty) and we can get it right away.  Oh well… off to buy a European Xbox 360… I wonder if it will have a sexy accent like Gérard Depardieu.

In case you were wondering… my badge holder isn’t under warranty either.

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Drat! Welcome to the red ring of death club 🙁 Big bummer.

Will your Xbox still work for you in the same way if it’s a European version? Will you still have access to the US TV/movies?

Let us know when you have your new box.

Unfortunately IP filtering was turned on a couple weeks back. So, even though I had a US Xbox and a US billing address, I still couldn’t get the content. I should have expected that to happen at some point but it still came as a disappointment.

What I’ll miss most: the on-demand movie rentals.

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