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Ego search

A cool Google feature (and there are many, perhaps I’ll post them later) is the ability to search for sites which link to a particular site.  This is cool because searching for the text “” won’t necessarily find me all the sites which link to me.  To do a search for your site simply type “link:yourURL” into the Google search.  Any site which links to your URL (you can type just the root, e.g. will be listed.  Turns out Omar links to me a lot (Hi Omar!).

So… while stroking my own ego, I came across Mark’s site.  I’m not quite sure why he links to me but I’ll have to ask (I hope it’s not someone I know and I’m just being an airhead, how embarrassing).  At any rate… there’s a link to my site with the display of “calittleblog” but I wasn’t able to find any other reference to my site in Mark’s blog entries.  Oh well, another Internet mystery.  I suppose I could just wait for him to find my site…

Hi Mark!

Communication Software

Proximity-based chat

Trepia™ is an interesting twist on chat clients.  Instead of having a buddy list of friends, Trepia™ searches for buddies based on proximity.  People in your buddy list won’t be friends you already know, they will be the people logged in who are physically closest to you.

Here’s how Trepia™ describes their technology:

Trepia™ performs a Progressive Proximity search for nearby people using known geographical information about the networks you use. It searches from the inside out, first adding people local to you, then branching out to others.

Sounds cool, right?  All I want to know is: how do they plan to make money?

(Thanks Steve for the pointer to the cool software.)

Microsoft Software

Play with some cool toys courtesy of Microsoft Research

Cool downloads from smart people thinking of future stuff: MS Research Downloads.