# Tuesday, 15 August 2006

A new car, with the steering on the wrong side!

I think we had the easiest car buying experience, ever......


Today as Reeves was walking home from the SPAR on the corner, picking up some bread and juice for me to make breakfast, he happened to cross over the street and walk by an used car on the street the BMW dealership had parked there to move around their inventory (which seems like a daily occurrence).


Since it was a 3 series station wagon (one of the cars we have been considering) he thought he just might see if it was an automatic transmission, which is harder to find than a dry day here.  Confirming it was auto, he didn’t think he could possibly be as lucky to discover it has a/c as well.  Peering through the rain-soaked window, there it was, the tell-tale snowflake – it had A/C!


Not believing his luck, he came in and called to talk with the sales manager to ask why it was such a good price to boot. Everything checked out and it had just been on the sales floor for a couple weeks, so wanting to move it, the price had just been reduced. Since Reeves was home because we were expecting our new replacement fridge to be delivered (yes, we haven’t had a working fridge yet) we couldn’t go over till 2 pm.  We took a test drive and by 3 pm, we had a new (used) car!  Since the price of the car was so resonable, we only haggled down once and even at that price, it was almost half of what we were going to spend on a new Jetta we had begrudgingly decided to buy.  (scary huh, cars here are insanely priced for new and NOTHING is “standard”, you even need to pay extra for armrests and cup holders!)


So the car is a 2001 318 wagon in black (the only color we really didn’t want, but beggars, etc. etc.) with grey cloth interior and a tape deck, how quaint!  The car had only one previous owner, a full service record, taxes paid through the end of the year and a full one year warranty, good through out Europe!  (just as a note, most every new car here only has a 2 year warranty, nothing like the US and their 4 and 5 year ones)


We still can’t take possession of the car since we don’t have insurance, and getting car insurance means getting a provisional Irish drivers license, which we are hoping to do over the next week or two.  Thankfully, with the dealership (and their service center) being right across the street, we can have them hold the car for us till we are ready to take delivery.     


This is one huge weight lifted off us and with the great price, we can even take a driving trip over to England now without guilt!!  Hay-on-Wye here we come!!!!

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Tuesday, 15 August 2006 21:36:30 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
WOW! Congratulations! Gotta love it when things like this were simply "meant to be".
Friday, 18 August 2006 22:29:14 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
This thought occured to me while I was driving Dick's car (which also has a cassette player). You might want to make a small ($20ish) investment in a cassette adapter for your iPod. It's a great way to get your music through your speaker's cars, and much cheaper then buying a new stereo sytem. It's also a much better and reliable sound quality than FM receivers... Just a thought :)
Sunday, 20 August 2006 21:20:42 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
OK you are in Ireland I can use Spencer again...;-) Yes, honies, I have been back over a year...and you two have been gone for way to long...XBox is counting the days...I don't do math well....I miss you and that hunk of a husband...can't wait to have a bit of a chat soon...next week perhaps. Big hugs and kisses...remember always look right first.
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