Everything is better with bacon (yes, cupcakes too)

It seems that this year I’m becoming increasingly obsessed with bacon. When Dick comes to town we inevitably go to Lot no. 3 for a Plate ‘O Bacon. If Paula and I hit up Sunday Happy hour at John Howie it’s hard to resist the tempura bacon.

Now, as it happens, I’m also obsessed with cupcakes (and apparently not obsessed with eating healthy). You can imagine how pleased I was to head over to New York Cupcakes on Saturday morning to pick up a pair of Papa B’s Maple Bacon "breakfast" cupcakes.

"What, pray tell,"  you ask "is a Papa B’s?"

This a a baked cinnamon/vanilla French Toast cupcake topped with Vermont maple whipped buttercream and topped with candied baked bacon.

Don’t even bother asking if it’s delicious, I won’t answer. Mamma taught me not to obsess with my mouth full.

Microwave popcorn that’s just popcorn


Think back to the last time you microwaved popcorn. Remember what the kitchen smelled like after you were done? Sure it tastes great, but take a look at the ingredients on the box… it may explain the smell. 🙂

So tonight when Paula and I were craving popcorn we decided to try out Squawkfox’s DIY microwave popcorn recipe (found via LifeHacker). Instead of partially-hydrogenated, artificially flavored popcorn food, we had popcorn. Yes, we ate unprocessed food and it was delicious.

The formula is pretty simple: toss a cup of popping corn into a brown paper lunch bag, fold the top down a couple times and nuke for 3 minutes. When done, season to taste and enjoy.

We found it to be simple and delicious, but have a couple of notes to add:
1. It took 4 minutes in our weak little microwave, not 3 (your mileage my vary, but don’t go too long, you may burn it).
2. One cup of pop corn kernels generated a lot of popcorn (at least 1.5 times what we normally get from a typical bag of microwave popcorn). We’re going to use a half cup next time.

All-in-all, we were super pleased. Paula’s review: "I’m certainly never buying another box of microwave popcorn again!"

I’m with Paula on this, without a doubt. I’m certain it’s better for us. It’s clearly less expensive. And the best part: our kitchen doesn’t smell nasty afterwards.

But I didn’t mean to sound like a jerk

IMAG0013 (2)_e This morning I rushed to catch the elevator up from the parking garage and as I stepped in I said “thanks” to the woman holding the door for me.

Turns out, however, that I reflexively said “thanks” only to realize, after I got in the elevator, that her hand was nowhere near the open button. She had seen me coming and made no effort to hold the lift for me.

How sad is it that the other person got caught doing a dick move and I feel bad for coming across as passive aggressive?