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I’m frequently asked: “would you be interested in selling”

The answer is “Yes… for the right price.”

Now, before you get all excited and decide to e-mail me, remember that is a three-letter dot com domain. I have been turning down four and five figure offers since the mid-nineties. I have had the domain name commercially appraised (certified appraisal available) and it’s worth six figures.

If you are looking in investing in a three-letter domain name and understand the value, you may e-mail Reeves with reasonable offers.

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  1. I just found your site looking for the Department of Education, DOE, website. You might want to think about how many businesses, how many jobs, or even if one job may have been created by your letting an entrepreneur use the url. It really makes me sad that people squat on urls , not to use them and only big businesses can afford to launch new businesses, with folks like you around.

  2. Give the domain to an entrepreneur? Isn’t domain squatting a form of entrepreneurship? 🙂

    Seriously though, I first registered back in 1996 as a geeky amusement and have used it on and off since then for various purposes. I expect I’ll continue to use it in the future as well. I really have never been interested in selling it and advertise a high price to discourage the frequent $100 offers.

    Would loaning or giving the domain to an entrepreneur generate jobs? I can’t imagine that it would. A domain is no substitute for a business plan (though some dot coms in the late ’90s tried to argue otherwise). One thing the tech world learned very well in the dot com bust was that an easy to remember domain name makes it easy for people to visit your site… however, people need to _want_ to visit your site.

    How about education, or even charity? Sure, I could direct traffic to the Doe Fund, the Canadian Department of the Environment, organizations interested in Design Of Experiments and probably a whole host of other DOE acronyms. While you may be frustrated not finding the Department of Education, if you had typed in you would have arrived at the Department of Energy. No matter where points someone is going to be unhappy with the result.

    Really it comes down to this: I registered for fun a long time ago and I’m emotionally attached to it. Think of like a vacation home: some people can afford to have a home that they only live in occasionally. I might be a little embarrassed if I had a hundred vacation homes, but I only have one. is my primary residence and is my vacation home.

  3. @asb I doubt that selling this domain would generate more jobs. Jobs don’t come from websites; the business Reeves would sell it to will have a brand-spanking-new three-letter dot com. I personally am very close with a few entrepreneurs and I know for a fact that you will get little traffic and no revenue unless people care about your business.

  4. Hello,
    My name is Doe. I am a local artist, and I would love to purchase this domain. What is the “right price”?

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