This is going to take some practice…

… and a faster shutter speed.

I made my first attempt to take pictures of Finney playing in the yard today, but most of the results were blurry. In retrospect I should have set the camera to shutter priority before getting him worked up (I just used full auto for my first try to see what came of it). When trying to chase a dog who can go over 40 Mph it’s just not going to cut it if your shutter speed is 1/90. Um duh. Oh, also, if you’re chasing a fast dog with a camera, you better not be worried about looking like an idiot.

When he’s not romping, Finney’s preferred place is Velcroed to my thigh.

Another photographic note for myself: If I want a keeper picture, don’t wear an old sweatshirt with frayed sleeves. 🙂

Finney settling in

It’s been a while since we had a dog and this past summer Paula and I started researching greyhounds. It took us a while to be ready to get a new dog, but this past weekend Paula and I adopted an ex racer from from a local greyhound rescue organization.

Ex-racers are very used to competing with other dogs for human attention, so they tend to be very attentive. They do, however, need some time to get used to being a member of a family and living in a new environment. So right now, he just sleeps most of the time. 

Our new family member has a number of Irish ancestors, and since we had been in Ireland for a while we decided on an Irish name for him. Finian (pronounced fin-yan) is Irish for “white haired”.

I’m talking to you… you little girly-dog


What type of dog is this?  Nope.  No, not that either.  Want to call a friend?

This is a picture of Wendy, she’s a whippet so I’m sure she can run faster than you as well as kick your butt when she catches you.  But, while she looks like a pit bull on the juice, apparently she’s a sweetheart.


Big Wendy the muscular whippet

Rare genetic mutation increases muscles, weight of sleek breed

People mistake her for a pitbull with a pinhead, but Wendy the whippet is one rare breed.

So rare that the Central Saanich dog recently graced the New York Times. She also had several of her photos shown on The Today Show, all because of a rare genetic mutation that has led to her being the Incredible Hulk of dogs.


Read the full story from the Victoria Times Colonist.

So… what kind of dog is she?

We were always curious just what mix of breeds went into Nala (and were often asked).  If she were still around I would have totally forked over the $65 needed to buy the Canine Heritage Test.  This test kit from Maryland-based biotech firm MetaMorphix includes a cheek swab for your dog which you mail back to them to find out what really went into building your special friend.

So put on a pair of sunglasses and do your best David Caruso imitation… cheek swabs are cool.

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