David Hasselhoff sings Hooked on a Feeling, Reeves is mesmerized

While waiting for Windows XP to install on my freshly installed Virtual PC I found my way over to YouTube and fell under the spell of this David Hasselhoff video. The concept for the video obviously came from a poor translation of something Tommy Chong wrote in his own vomit after an all-night bender.  The special effects appear to have been done by the creepy geek who hangs out in the computer lab (and not the smart geek you want to have fix stuff, the other guy with the really poor hygiene).

And yet… I couldn’t take my eyes off it…

CNet’s piece is up on the Hotmail team

Several weeks back Ina Fried from c|net came to campus and interviewed a bunch of people. Her piece is now up on c|net news.com. It’s a good read to give folks a little glimpse into the team.

Ina spent the majority of the day with people around campus and a lunch in a conference room with some of us “old folks” from Hotmail. I’m not that old… really, honest. I wasn’t even “acquired” with Hotmail. I just have shown a decided lack of vision and stuck with the team for the past six years. 🙂 Demonstrating the power of the sound-byte, I was only with her for the lunch part but ended up with my own side bar. As a result I’m now working on growing a mullet.

Hey Warhol. is this going to be deducted from my fifteen minutes?

News.com link is dead but exists in the internet archive. A copy of the main article (without sidebar) is up on Tech Republic: Hotmail’s new address.