A tip for smugmug users – timeline

When I made the choice between smugmug and Phanfare one thing I found I missed was the ability to filter my pictures by year taken.  To my delight, smugmug added this feature shortly after I joined.  The feature is currently hidden and considered beta, but it works quite well – the only bug I’ve found is it got confused about a picture I stamped as being taken in 1959 (seems they weren’t expecting dates that old… shocker).

If you want a nifty timeline on your smugmug page, here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to http://yoursmugmugname.smugmug.com/?showGoodies=1 (be sure to adjust the URL for your member name)
    This will take you to your homepage with the phototimeline module visible

  2. Click the “show” link

  3. Very important: click the “date taken” link
    If you don’t do this all your pictures in the timeline will be shown by date uploaded (which won’t be very interesting unless you’ve been a smugmug member for multiple years)

That’s it, now you have a nifty timeline on your homepage.

Oh dear… they’re back.

Trina posted the first installment of these two Chinese students lip synching “I want it that way” about a month ago… and Paula and I almost wet ourselves.

Well, if you were waiting for more, wait no longer… they’re back with their interpretation of “As long as you love me”.

Yeah… the guy is still playing doom in the background, oblivious.

And yeah, the first one is still better.