Mary-Kate Olsen rear ended by bodyguard

It was a traffic accident you sicko!  You should be ashamed!

Mary-Kate’s Fender Bender

by Lia Haberman
May 20, 2004, 2:00 PM PT

New York Minute star Mary-Kate Olsen found herself in a Los Angeles predicament Wednesday afternoon.

The diminutive tween titan was involved in a freeway accident, her rep confirmed today.

Olsen was cruising down the 101 Freeway in her black Range Rover and driving through a construction zone when her SUV was struck from behind by a bodyguard tailing her in a black Yukon.

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School of hard knocks

I thought it was tough when my teachers made me sit in the corner… at least they didn’t have the class beat the snot out of me.

SEAGOVILLE, Texas — Elementary school students say that a teacher made them line up and slap a classmate.

But wait… that’s not all.  Here’s the real insanity:

Parents in the district are shocked by the allegations.

They had me going but the story lost all credibility when it implied the parents were actually paying attention to what their children do in school.